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What is STEP Warmfloor™?
STEP Warmfloor™ is a product that has been around for more than 20 years and is ideal for existing homes. It is a strong, flexible, thin plastic heating mat that is heated by low voltage electricity. The system is self-regulating, which means it does not overheat. The STEP Warmfloor™ mat is then connected to a 24-volt transformer. Additionally, STEP Warmfloor™ uses low voltage electricity, which eliminates any concern about electrictromagnetic field issues.

Can it be used for renovation?
STEP Warmfloor™ is ideal for both renovation and new construction. Because the product is thin (1.2 mm) and flexible it can be installed without changing the height of molding, doors or cabinets.

What types of floors can it be used under?
It can be used under almost any flooring including carpet, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone, tile and wood.

Can it heat the whole house, or just single rooms?
The STEP Warmfloor™ does both. Because it can be installed on existing floors, it is an ideal product for a room that is challenging to keep warm enough. It can also easily be used as the only heat source for an entire house. Using it as a whole-house heating system eliminates the need for ductwork. Additionally, room heating can be individually controlled with the STEP Warmfloor™.

Watch our Video for a brief introduction of a STEP Warmfloor™ installation (4MB). The entire WarmFloor™ installation video series is available at www.warmfloor.com.

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